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Community Outreach

Tres Beaux Apothecary believes Community Action is our duty as business owners to use our platform to raise awareness and create advocacy for cause. Our outreach is our way of offering support through volunteering and giving back any way we can.
We share core beliefs of advocacy – prevention – intervention and support. These are the fundamental support systems that encourage one in their pursuit to living their best life through self-care practices. Tres Beaux is here to strengthen the network of community with kindness, acceptance and love through community service. Community sustainability
We will keep you informed of our monthly specials and donation drives here. If there is a cause that you would like us to look into that’s near and dear to your heart , we would like to know. We are always picking up new opportunities to support a cause in our immediate community. Let’s make a difference through your help and support. Thank You

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Tres Beaux Apothecary promotes a community wellness culture that provides mindfully sustainable products that will guide you on your journey to realizing your best-self.